Immersed, by definition, refers to something that is either providing, involving, or characterized by deep absorption, often a liquid or area of particular interest. To be fully immersed in a topic or substance means that you have become surrounded and absorbed by your environment, whether that be a substance (water), an interest (work), or an experience!

So what exactly is an immersive experience?

An immersive experience is the use of virtual and augmented reality to enhance your surroundings and introduce an otherwise impossible reality. Thanks to the advancements made in Augmented and Virtual tech over the past decade, immersive experiences have been on the rise and continue to grow in both capabilities and possibilities. Viewers become fully absorbed in their virtual surroundings through a combination of advanced visual, audio, and sensory technology often timed in combination with a musical composition or storytelling narrative. Unlike single-channel experiences, such as a movie theatre, immersive experiences consume the entire room and bring the viewer into the storyline from all angles.

For the Da Vinci Experience, Sensea Canada projects viewers back in time, all the way to the 15th century. 500 years ago prior to his death, Leonardo Da Vinci was beginning his journey to become one of history’s most famous artists and inventors. We have captured this journey through a display of visual, audio, and virtual enhancements. Inside our  13,300 square-foot space, we have designed a room to be entirely immersive with 360-degree projections of Da Vinci’s works. With floor-to-ceiling projections combined with 360 degrees Dolby sound, this experience takes viewers away from today’s world and on an entirely new journey.

In addition to state-of-the-art projections and immersive sound features, we have also replicated some of Da Vinci’s most genius inventions. Recreated in full-scale, you can view and interact with some of the most advanced ideas of the 15th century. And finally, once you have completed the immersive room’s experience, you will be welcomed into a virtual reality segment, where you can tour the workshop of Da Vinci in Florence, Italy.

Leave the real world behind for an hour, and step into the life that defined the genius of Leonardo da Vinci! We can not wait to show you what we have created – tickets are now available HERE.