Whether you are an art enthusiast or just another bored BC resident looking to try something new, the Da Vinci Experience is sure to go beyond your expectations. Coming to Tsawwassen, BC, the Da Vinci Experience is the first-ever Canadian display showcasing the life and work of Leonardo Da Vinci. Explore a virtual world like nothing you have ever seen before and immerse yourself in the artist’s masterpieces at this 360-degree visual and audio experience. You can expect digital displays, sound effects, projection mapping, virtual reality experience and so much more! If that’s not enough, here are five other reasons that The Da Vinci Experience is this summer’s most popular attraction:

  1. Never before seen in Canada
    Having travelled from Italy, and all over the world, this experience will be the first time the immersive Da Vinci has ever landed in North America. BC residents will be the first to experience the art, inventions, and life history of the world-famous Da Vinci. Arriving directly from Italy, The Da Vinci Experience is an authentically curated show that will go beyond your expectations.
  2. Opportunity to learn
    Not only is the experience visually impressive, but it is also highly educational! 500 years after the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, guests will see replicas of his workshop, inventions, and gain a glimpse into his artistic mind. From the first step into the introduction to Da Vinci’s life, you will be immersed in an entirely different era, full of historical facts, architecture, and art pieces.
  3. Life-size replicas:
    The Da Vinci Experience features ten life-size replicas of Da Vinci’s machine inventions. The replicas are recreated from real drawings and diagrams, designed by Da Vinci himself. These machines show a mix of practical designs combined with bold ambition. From the Hang Glider to Mechanical Jack, the machines are as impressive as his famous art pieces.
  4. Immersive visual and audio:
    The Da Vinci Experience features more than 250 HD Images, compiled onto a 360-degree canvas. Paired with a highly emotive soundtrack, these images create a 35-minute inspiring visual experience with floor-to-ceiling projections. You will walk through a 4,000 sq. ft Immersive Experience room with 360-degree projections that show the incredible detail and expertise of Da Vinci’s original works, followed by a Virtual Reality experience inside his studio.
  5. Fun for the whole family:
    The Da Vinci Experience is first and foremost a family experience, designed to welcome children and adults alike. Recommended for all ages, the experience offers a wide range of interests and provides space for children to run and explore.  The total visit will take roughly 60 minutes to complete, with a family-friendly gift shop at the end, and an opportunity to purchase specialty photographs to remember your experience.

Buy your tickets and experience the world of Da Vinci. Coming the summer of 2021. Get your tickets here: https://sensea.show/canada/.