Welcome to the Da Vinci Experience School Program for BC Educators

Leonardo DaVinci was a pivotal figure in the development of science, engineering, and the arts. His  work revolutionized multiple ways of knowing and in many ways created a foundation for the development of the modern world. His life’s work is the subject of high school art, science, and history curriculums. Any immersive experience is enhanced by a thoughtful, age-appropriate, and engaging set of lesson plans that set the students up for a richer experience pre, during and post attendance at Crossmedia Canada’s The DaVinci Experience.

With a view to integration within learning outcomes prescribed by the BC government for Socials Studies, Art, Science and Health Education, The Da Vinci Experience Learning Resource Package has been developed for educators and learners in grades 4-12. The Learning Resource Package will explore key concepts where DaVinci’s life, art, work, and discoveries intersect the BC curriculum.

Contact info:   Tel. 778 653 1123

Eight Learning Resource Packages for Grades 4-12 including:

  • Pre-Experience Lesson Plan
  • Lesson Plan Based Attendance at the exhibit
  • Post-Experience Lesson Plan

Included in each lesson:

  • Overview of Concepts & Objectives
  • Curriculum Links
  • Grade Appropriate Student Activities
  • Case Studies

“Written by teachers for teachers”

Sensea Immersive is pleased to collaborate with two of BC’s well-known educators in developing this program.

Ray Sawatsky

Senior Partner - Radius Consulting Solutions

A professional charity consultant and educator with 23 years’ experience teaching in the public school system, Ray has taught and designed courses across the BC curriculum including Social Studies, History, Photography, Athletics, and Global Education.  Ray wrote the Global Education 12 curriculum, initially for the Langley School District and has been adopted in other school districts.  Ray is an innovator in experience-based learning, developing hands on student experiences for schools trip to Europe, Central and South America.  Ray has also designed curriculum connected learning resources for organizations that partner with schools.

Lynie Tener

Contributing Consultant

Lynie Tener is an educator with more than thirty years’ experience. Lynie has had the opportunity to teach most Social Studies and English courses at the senior level as well as Advanced Placement European History. Lynie completed her career as the District Coordinator, Instructional Services in the Langley School District, a position that recognizes her as a master teacher.  With her varied background in education, Lynie has given workshops in Critical Thinking, Writing Processes, Reading Strategies, Engagement in Historical Analysis, and Cooperative Learning.

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