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What can I expect from The Da Vinci Experience?
Discover a new way to enjoy the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and immerse yourself in the artist's masterpieces at this 360-degree digital show. Expect digital displays, sound effects, projection mapping, virtual reality experience and much more!
How long does the experience last?
The visit will take around 55 to 60 minutes. Due to COVID restrictions we ask that all
patrons adhere to this time limit.
Is it COVID secure and safe?
The experience is designed to be COVID safe. We are confirming to all Provincial Ministry of Health recommendations and our staff have a COVID plan and training. Our Covid Guarantee is that if your event is cancelled due to Covid restrictions we will reschedule you at the next available date and time at no cost.
Will there be merchandise for sale?
Yes, we will have a souvenir shop.
How long will the Da Vinci Experience be at Tsawwassen Mills?
It is expected to be here for up to a year, and then the exhibit will switch to a new artist


Is this a child-friendly environment?
This event is recommended for all ages.
Do I need to arrive at the start of my scheduled session?
This is a timed entry event (every 30 minutes) so it is recommended that you arrive within 10 minutes of the time stated on your ticket.
What happens if I arrive late?
Your ticket will still be valid, but you may be required to wait until there is space in the following times slots.
What are the prohibited items at the experience?
Flash photography, alcohol, external food/beverages or anything which may disturb the other patrons.
Can I smoke or vape?
Is alcohol permitted at the experience?
Will restrooms be available on site?
There are restrooms available in the Mall within easy walking distance
What do I do if I have any questions about accessibility / special accommodations?
The Da Vinci Experience exhibition is accessible to wheelchairs and we are an Access2 participant
Is there parking nearby?
Free parking is available at the Mall, and we recommend that you enter at Entry 4 and we are between Winners and Marshalls


Where can I get tickets?
Available on our Website
Go to the School Program tab
What is the cost of admission?
$15 per participant, includes Teachers/support aids - Taxes and ticket fee is extra
Pricing includes all pre and post visit material, entrance to exhibition and VR experience
Booking times and dates are subject to government and facility capacity limits, so
advance bookings are highly recommended at least 15 days in advance
Additional Bonus – For the first 300 students attending Ivanhoe
Cambridge/Tsawwassen Mills will provide a $10 gift card for refreshments while
attending the Da Vinci Experience
What are the days and times for the program that classes can come?
Monday to Thursday hourly from 10:30 am with the last booking at 2:30
What is the process to make a booking?
1) Choose your preferred date and time
2) Fill out the School Visit Request form from the website School Program –
DaVinci Experience | SENSEA SHOW Canada
3) Send the form to
4) Once reviewed we will invoice you for the amount based on the number of
attendees. Online you can pay by credit/debit or you can E Transfer to
5) If you require an alternate form of payment contact
6) Once you are confirmed you will receive your package of teaching material from
How is the teaching curriculum structured?
The program is for students from grades 4 - 12 across the following subject areas:
Applied Design, Skills and Technologies, English Language Arts, Science,
Mathematics, Social Studies and Arts Education. The learning resources are organized
by discipline and are designed to meet BC curriculum objectives.
There are specific guides and learning resources broken down as follows:
- Grades 4-5 Elementary
- Grades 6-8 Middle school
Grades 8-9 By Subject
- Grades 10-12 By Subject
Core Competencies: T – Thinking, C– Communication, PS – Personal & Social
The lessons are all inquiry based and there are multiple teacher resources for all grades
allowing for maximum learning outcomes and student engagement before during and
after the visit.
There are pre and post visit exercises as well as learning opportunity guides while at the
How are the DaVinci Experience Learning Resources organized?
This Learning Resources Package is designed to help teachers and their students
understand the life and times of Leonardo da Vinci as well as machines that have been
replicated for the Sensea Immersive DaVinci Experience, in Vancouver, BC. This
Learning Resource Package contains lessons ideas, information, activities, and ideas
that can be copied and used with students from grades 4 - 12 across the following
subject areas: Applied Design, Skills and Technologies, English Language Arts,
Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Arts Education. The learning resources are
organized by discipline and are designed to meet BC curriculum objectives.
What teaching pedagogy and/or strategies have been employed to create these lessons?
Lesson sequences have been created purposefully, utilizing an inquiry-based approach.
The lesson sequence includes several learning activities to build students’ prior
knowledge before attending the exhibit, followed by strategies to gather ideas and data
while at the exhibit, and, finally, several learning opportunities for students to deepen
their understanding.
Will I get access to all grades and subjects or just for my classroom?
You will get access to the full set of DaVinci Experience Learning Resources.
Are the materials approved to be taught in British Columbia?
The learning resources packages were created by two British Columbia teachers who
embedded BC’s current curriculum. Every lesson was designed with BC’s Ministry of
Education Core Competencies of Thinking, Communication, Personal & Social as well
as locating and applying the subject specific Curriculum Competencies. These are
outlined at the start of each lesson.
Are there materials I can hand out to my students?
The learning resource packages comes with a complete digital file of all the handouts
and visual resources required to teach each lesson.
Do the lesson materials prepare the students for the exhibit?
Each learning resource package comes with lesson that can be taught in the classroom
prior to visit the exhibit, activities for students at the exhibit and a set of lessons to be
taught in the classroom after your visit to the exhibit.
What do we do when we arrive?
Please check in with the main desk and provide your contact name and phone number
as well as the number of students. It is the teacher/aids responsibility to maintain the
contact information for all those attending.
You will then scan your ticket once and all students will enter at once.


Should I wear a mask?
As we follow the latest Public Health Officer guidelines, masks are recommended for our guests and our staff wear them while interacting with visitors to the exhibition
Can I take photos or record the experience?
Feel free to take photos and share them. When taking photos, please make sure not to disturb other customers (no flash). Professional equipment and tripods are not permitted.
Do you have a program for schools?
Yes, see our website for link to our program for grades 4-12
Do you offer group/corporate discounts?
Yes, for groups of 10 or more contact
Do you offer Press Passes?
Yes, contact
Do you offer sponsorships/partnerships?
Yes, contact
What about employment opportunities?
Contact us at