Immersive education – trendy buzzword or beneficial learning?

The term immersive education refers to the process of using visual and auditory effects to enhance learning and deepen education. When performed properly, an Immersive experience should both educate and entertain the audience (and students). At the Da Vinci Experience, we use various forms of sensory aids, immersive visuals, and educational content to share the story and narrative of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Responsible for numerous discoveries and developments in science, engineering, and the arts, Leonardo Da Vinci created the foundation for the development of our modern world. To help share the lessons learned from his work, The Da Vinci Experience immerses guests into a world of learning. To do this, the experience uses advanced visual projections, paired with impressive audio, and authentic replicas, designed to educate and inspire.

The Da Vinci Experience covers each of Leonardo Da Vinci’s innate interests: anatomy, architecture, engineering, coding, and of course, art! To teach the story behind his inventions, we have used his sketches to replicate life-size copies of his designs. In addition, we have compiled a detailed timeline, covering the span of Da Vinci’s life. For the visual and emotional learners, we offer a 35-minute visual presentation, featuring Leonardo’s various works paired with emotion-evoking music and a virtual reality experience inside his Florence workshop.

Whether it’s the birthdate of Leonardo (April 15, 1452, in case you were wondering) or the logistics behind his most in-depth inventions, there is knowledge for everyone to take home. Make sure you give yourself lots of time when visiting so that you can read, watch, and immerse yourself in the abundance of educational content available.