As one of history’s most pivotal figures in art, science, and engineering, Leonardo Da Vinci has become a focus of study for academics of all ages. Elementary, middle and high school-aged students will now be included in these studies as part of a unique and fully integrated educational school program.

BC Students in grades 4-12 are now eligible to receive an advanced education on the historic life of Leonardo Da Vinci, including his various contributions to modern science and art. The new integrated curriculum implemented by Sensea Immersive will help further the learning of young students who attend the experience through class-based projects and lessons. To enrich the immersive learning provided at The Da Vinci Experience, the course curriculum is planned around three stages of learning: pre-experience, at the event, and post-experience.  

Curated by the director of the Leonardian Museum in Vinci, Dr. Roberta Barsanti, the Da Vinci Experience is an advanced, historically accurate representation of the life and work of Leonardo Da Vinci. Students will participate in the video-mapping narrative, focused on the life and the works of Leonardo. Previously staged internationally, this location marks the first time that The Da Vinci Experience is accessible in North America. It is also the first time a curriculum has been planned for such an experience, created for teachers, by teachers, following Sensea Immersives’ Edutainment theme.  

The immersive experience is enhanced by a thoughtful, age-appropriate, and engaging set of lesson plans that set the students up for a richer experience and long-lasting outcomes. The lesson plans have been embedding BC’s Provincial Learning outcomes from Social Studies, Science, and Health Education. The Learning Resource Package for teachers will explore key concepts of DaVinci’s life, art, work, and discoveries that intersect the BC learning curriculum. 

All programs in the Learning Package are developed for educators and learners in grades 4-12. To learn more about this program, and how to sign up, visit our webpage