When you visit the Da Vinci Experience, you are entering a world of discovery. Combining sight, sound, and emotion, the Da Vinci Experience is a multi-sensory journey through time. From floor to ceiling, there is so much to see, with four featured experiences, life-size models, and historical education. Keep your eyes wide and your mind curious, as we guide you through each of these special experiences. Here are our top six must-see features of the Da Vinci Experience:

  1. The Flying Machine:
    A featured piece of our first room, the flying machine is suspended from the ceiling of our art and inventions room. Suspended high above the audience, the flying machine is one of our authentic replicas, directly from the genius mind of Leonardo Da Vinci. Using historic notes, diagrams, and documents, we have recreated this machine to accurately reflect the invention as described by the artist and inventor more than 500 years ago.
  2. The Mona Lisa Photo Op:
    The next best thing to seeing the real Mona Lisa? Posing with a larger-than-life version! We have recreated the original Mona Lisa, but with extra room for both you and a friend. Step inside the frame and become one with the art in this unique photo opportunity. Located against the far wall of the first room, the Mona Lisa is waiting for you to strike a pose!
  3. The Last Supper Experience:
    Once you finish your grand tour of the first room, you will be welcomed into a long hallway featuring the world-famous Last Supper, which has been complemented with many historic facts. Both art beginners and avid fans will be sure to learn something new with an in-depth analysis of the meaning and historical background of this piece. Make sure to save some time to read through each of the featured storyboards provided for you. 
  4. Immersive 360 Degree Video:
    This experience is a highlight! Our guests are immersed in a music and video tribute to Da Vinci, tying in the elements of the previous rooms. From the moment you step through the drapes into the third room of the experience, you will be welcomed to awe-inspiring video footage, projected onto the walls and floors of the room. You will enjoy a 35-minute feature presentation showcasing art, drawings, portraits, and more. Grab a seat, kick back, and enjoy the show.
  5. VR Trip to Florence Italy:
    For the final featured room, we transport our guests to the grand city of Florence, Italy 500 years ago. Step into Da Vinci’s workshop and experience his world from your own point of view with our exciting virtual reality headsets. Make sure you look up, some of his featured inventions make a guest appearance in the final scenes!
  6. Final Photo Memory
    Last but not least, you can pick up a copy of the photo taken when you entered the exhibition on your way out of the experience! You can choose a background of your choice, from Italian landscapes to works of art. We will have a copy waiting for you to take home or send you a digital copy to share with your friends!

And of course, make sure to tag us in your photos of the experience at @senseacanada and use the hashtag #DaVinciExperienceCAN. For tickets, visit here.