Experience Leonardo Da Vinci without the Louvre lineups

If you have seen the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris, then you have also seen the crowds, pushing and shoving just to get a picture of her. The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous pieces of art created by Leonardo da Vinci and remains one of the most anticipated works in […]

What is an Immersive Educational Experience?

Immersive education – trendy buzzword or beneficial learning? The term immersive education refers to the process of using visual and auditory effects to enhance learning and deepen education. When performed properly, an Immersive experience should both educate and entertain the audience (and students). At the Da Vinci Experience, we use various forms of sensory aids, […]

Da Vinci brings students behind the scenes of history

As one of history’s most pivotal figures in art, science, and engineering, Leonardo Da Vinci has become a focus of study for academics of all ages. Elementary, middle and high school-aged students will now be included in these studies as part of a unique and fully integrated educational school program. BC Students in grades 4-12 […]

The Da Vinci Experience Audio Case Study

The Da Vinci Experience & His Incredible Machines…a 360-degree immersive journey with d&b xS-Series loudspeakers provided by Sapphire Sound. 500 years after he lived, Leonardo Da Vinci’s greatest art and inventions are being presented at the Tsawwassen Mills Shopping mall just outside of Vancouver,  British Columbia in a multi-sensory 360º immersive journey with more than […]

6 things to look for at the Da Vinci Experience

When you visit the Da Vinci Experience, you are entering a world of discovery. Combining sight, sound, and emotion, the Da Vinci Experience is a multi-sensory journey through time. From floor to ceiling, there is so much to see, with four featured experiences, life-size models, and historical education. Keep your eyes wide and your mind […]

Life of a Painter: 6 most Notable Da Vinci Paintings

As one of history’s most famous Renaissance painters, Leonardo da Vinci, used advanced techniques and innovative methods to create his world-famous works of art. From detailed landscapes to advanced anatomy, Leonardo Da Vinci defined what it meant to be a master of technique and expertise. Although commissioned for countless works, he created a lifetime of […]

What is an immersive experience?

Immersed, by definition, refers to something that is either providing, involving, or characterized by deep absorption, often a liquid or area of particular interest. To be fully immersed in a topic or substance means that you have become surrounded and absorbed by your environment, whether that be a substance (water), an interest (work), or an […]

The Codices

The manuscripts Leonardo left us are the main source for those who want to study the life and works of Leonardo: in them are the preparatory studies for many of his paintings, as well as his studies on engineering, anatomy, architecture, mechanics, ballistics, and the flight of birds. Initially conceived as pages of notes to […]

The Architect

From documents now available to us, it is obvious that Leonardo was interested in architecture since his first years in Milan. In the famous 1482 letter to Ludovico Sforza, he in fact describes his competence in military engineering but also adds that in times of peace he believes he can “fully enjoy as much as […]

The Anatomist

Leonardo’s studies are a major contribution to the understanding of human anatomy: his predecessors continued to follow the ancient medical tradition derived from Galeno without any experimental verification. A similar approach would not satisfy the master’s high standards and thirst for knowledge. Intrigued by the inner workings of the human body – the perfect machine […]